A beautiful experience on the island of Aphrodite of Milos

You want to have a unique experience on the island of Aphrodite of Milos, the island with the wonderful beaches, the island with the important course in time, from antiquity with the samples of the first European Civilization, the Cycladic, with a special presence in the Christian world with the famous catacombs, with the intense geological peculiarity,  a real geological museum, the island with the typical Greek and island character, the exquisite local products?

If you want to experience all this beautiful adventure by combining valuable experiences of history, geology, architecture, cultural monuments, museums, a wonderful nature, swimming on wonderful beaches, with great services to visitors, come to the island of Milos, Cyclades.

Katris Cars, by its remarkable cars, will be your valuable assistant in this experience. It will always be by your side, from the moment you arrive on the island until your departure, so that the impression you will get from the island of Milos will be unforgettable.

We are friendly waiting for you.

Katris Cars, Milos,Greece
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